Bio Insignia 8" Recycler

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Smooth Hits, Striking Design - Bio-Insignia Incycler Recycler Dab Rig by Milkyway Glass.
StyleIn-cycler Recyclers
ShapeUnique Chambers
Glass PercolatorKlein
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint18Female
Joint Conversion18 Male to 14 Female
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesShowerhead Downstem & Bowl
Product Details

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8-Inch Incycler Recycler for Advanced Filtration

The Bio-Insignia Incycler Recycler Dab Rig is an 8-inch glass piece for advanced filtration. The recycler system is engineered to recycle water within the piece, cooling the smoke for a smoother hit and reducing splashback.

Light Blue Sandblasted Design for Visual Appeal

Crafted with a light blue sandblasted design, the Bio-Insignia Incycler Recycler Dab Rig offers a visually appealing frosted appearance. The sandblasted texture enhances the visual appeal and provides a better grip.

Showerhead Perc for Optimum Filtration

The piece contains a showerhead percolator specifically designed for optimum filtration. This type of percolator diffuses the smoke into many tiny bubbles, increasing the surface area for cooling and filtration, resulting in a more pleasant smoking experience.

Milkyway Glass Craftsmanship for Quality Assurance

The Bio-Insignia Incycler Recycler Dab Rig is a product of Milkyway Glass, known for its high-quality glasswork and expert craftsmanship. The use of the sandblasting technique by Milkyway Glass ensures a premium finish and durability, which is characteristic of the brand's commitment to creating exceptional smoking art.

Functional Art Piece for Smoking Enthusiasts

This dab rig is functional and serves as an art piece. The intricate design and craftsmanship make it a display-worthy item in any collection, showcasing the blend of functionality and artistry that Milkyway Glass is known for

Easy to Clean and Maintain

In addition to its stunning design, the Bio-Insignia Incycler Recycler Dab Rig is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its construction allows for straightforward care, ensuring the piece can be kept in excellent condition, preserving its function and beauty over time.



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