Elementals Long Bowl

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Embrace the Calm of the Elementals Long Bowl by Milkyway Glass – A Touch of Nature in Every Session
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Hand-Carved Green Sandblast Design

The Elementals Long Bowl by Milkyway Glass is a beautifully crafted piece with a hand-carved design and a serene green sandblast finish. This color choice is inspired by the natural world, evoking the vitality of lush foliage and the tranquility of the earth's elements. The sandblasting technique gives the glass a frosted appearance, enhancing the intricate carvings and providing a unique texture.

Extended Bowl for Enhanced Sessions

Designed with an extended length, the Elementals Long Bowl allows for a larger packing capacity, enabling longer smoking sessions without frequent refills. This feature is perfect for those who enjoy a more relaxed and uninterrupted smoking experience, whether it's a personal session or a shared moment with friends

Premium Quality Glass

Milkyway Glass is known for its premium sandblasted glass pieces, which offer high-quality and beautiful designs. The Elementals Long Bowl is no exception, crafted with exceptional attention to detail and made from durable materials that ensure longevity. By choosing Milkyway Glass, you're investing in a piece that elevates your smoking experience with both style and substance

Easy to Integrate with Water Bongs

Thanks to its standard sizing, the Elementals Long Bowl is designed to fit seamlessly with various water bongs. Milkyway Glass's precision engineering ensures a snug and secure fit, enhancing the smoking experience by preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your smoke. This ease of integration makes the Elementals Long Bowl a versatile addition to any smoker's collection.



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