Emperors Chalice Long Bowl

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Experience Royal Sessions with the Emperor's Chalice Long Bowl – Affordability Meets Quality
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Regal Design at an Affordable Price

The Emperor's Chalice Long Bowl by Milkyway Glass offers luxury without breaking the bank. This bong attachment features a design inspired by the luxury of ancient empires, and its price point makes it accessible to a wide range of smokers. This piece's affordability allows you to enjoy the high-quality craftsmanship of Milkyway Glass while staying within your budget.

Long Bowl for Extended Use

Crafted for those who enjoy longer smoking sessions, the Emperor's Chalice Long Bowl has an extended bowl capacity. This means you can pack more and spend less time refilling, making it ideal for both solo sessions and group gatherings. The long bowl design is practical and enhances the attachment's visual appeal, making it a striking addition to any bong.

Durable Construction by Milkyway Glass

Milkyway Glass is known for creating durable and high-quality glass pieces. The Emperor's Chalice Long Bowl is made from robust materials that can withstand the heat and wear of regular use. Despite its low price, there is no compromise on quality, ensuring this bong attachment will be a lasting part of your smoking accessories.

Easy Integration with Your Bong

The Emperor's Chalice Long Bowl is designed to fit seamlessly with most standard bongs. The precise engineering of Milkyway Glass attachments ensures a snug and secure fit, enhancing the smoking experience by preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your smoke. This ease of integration, combined with the low cost, makes the Emperor's Chalice Long Bowl an intelligent choice for those looking to upgrade their bong without a hefty investment.



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