Obtuse 6" Downstem

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Embrace the Calm of the Sky with the Obtuse 6-Inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass – A Fusion of Art and Function
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Serene Light Blue Sand Blast Finish

The Obtuse 6-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass is adorned with a serene light blue sandblast finish, evoking the calmness of the sky or a gentle stream. This tranquil hue is visually calming and adds a touch of sophistication to your bong. The sandblasting technique creates a matte texture that enhances the grip and adds a unique character to the downstem.

Exquisite Hand-Carved Details

Each Obtuse Downstem showcases the meticulous hand-carving that Milkyway Glass is known for. The hand-carved details bring an added layer of intricacy to the piece, making it a functional item and a work of art. The craftsmanship ensures that every downstem is unique, adding a personalized touch to your smoking experience.

6-Inch Length for Improved Filtration

The 6-inch length of the Obtuse Downstem is designed to fit a variety of bongs, providing improved filtration and smoke diffusion. This size is ideal for those who prefer a longer downstem to ensure proper filtration and cooling of the smoke. The Obtuse Downstem is perfect for enhancing the smoothness and purity of your hits.

Premium Quality by Milkyway Glass

Milkyway Glass is committed to creating premium sandblasted glass pieces that combine high quality, beautiful designs, and fantastic functionality. The Obtuse 6-inch Downstem is a testament to this commitment, offering a product that connects with the customer on a personal level. By choosing Milkyway Glass, you're investing in a piece that is a work of art and a reliable smoking companion.

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