Obtuse 6" Downstem

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Refine Your Bong with the Obtuse 6-Inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass – A Masterpiece of Engraving and Filtration
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Deep Engraved Sandblast Detailing

The Obtuse 6-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass is adorned with deeply engraved detailing, achieved through meticulous sandblasting. This technique creates a textured, matte finish that enhances the visual appeal and provides a better grip. The deep engraving adds a layer of sophistication and uniqueness to each downstem, making it a functional piece of art.

6-Inch Length for Superior Filtration

Designed to fit a variety of bongs, the Obtuse 6-inch Downstem offers superior filtration and improved smoke diffusion. The 6-inch length allows for ample smoke cooling, ensuring smoother and cleaner hits. This downstem is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their bong's functionality while adding a touch of artistic flair.

Durable and High-Quality Glass

Milkyway Glass is known for its high-quality glass pieces, and the Obtuse 6-inch Downstem is no exception. Made from durable materials, it is built to withstand the test of time and frequent use. Its robust construction makes it a reliable and valuable accessory for any smoker looking to elevate their experience.

Easy Integration with Your Bong

The Obtuse 6-inch Downstem is designed for easy integration with most standard bongs. The standard sizing ensures a snug and secure fit, enhancing the functionality of your bong by preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your smoke. With this downstem, upgrading your bong is both simple and straightforward, allowing you to enjoy enhanced smoking sessions immediately.

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