Lattichinos Ribbon Worked Carb Caps

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Latticino Ribbon Worked Carb Caps Intricate Elegance Meets Optimal Function
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Colorful Inside-Out Worked Carb Caps | Vortex Spiral Directional Airflow for Smooth Smoke

Discover our exquisite collection of inside-out worked carb caps featuring vibrant and colorful designs. These carb caps are visually captivating with their intricate patterns and functionally superior, providing a vortex spiral directional airflow. This unique airflow design enhances the efficiency of your dabbing experience, ensuring smooth smoke and even concentrated heating. Perfect for those who value aesthetics and performance in their dabbing accessories, these carb caps fit a variety of bangers and nails. Ideal for personal use or as an attractive offering in smoke shops, our inside-out worked carb caps will elevate the dabbing experience, adding a touch of artistry and functionality to your rig.



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