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Vibrant Functionality, Quality Craftsmanship - Orbit X Green-Colored Bong Bowl by Milkyway Glass.
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10 Bowls 10 $3.00

Full Sandblasted Texture for Enhanced Grip and Style

The Orbit X Bong Bowl is fully sandblasted, providing a textured grip that enhances handling and adds a stylish matte finish to the piece. This sandblasted texture looks great and prevents slipping for a more secure setup.

Vibrant Green Color for Visual Impact

The bong bowl is vibrant green, offering a visually striking appearance that adds a touch of liveliness to your smoking experience. The green color is not only eye-catching but also complements a variety of bong styles.

Milkyway Glass Logo for Brand Recognition

This bong bowl attachment features the Milkyway Glass logo, a mark of authenticity and quality. The logo represents the brand's reputation for craftsmanship and design excellence, ensuring you get a genuine Milkyway Glass product.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Crafted from high-quality glass, the Orbit X Green-Colored Bong Bowl is durable and built to last. It's designed to withstand the thermal stress of regular use while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Compatible with Various Bong Sizes

The Orbit X Green-Colored Bong Bowl is designed to fit bongs with a standard joint size, making it a versatile attachment that can be used with a wide range of bongs. This standard sizing ensures that the bowl can be a valuable addition to a wide range of smoking apparatuses.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Despite its intricate sandblasted design, the Orbit X Green-Colored Bong Bowl is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its high-quality glass allows for straightforward care, ensuring the bowl can be kept in excellent condition and preserving its function and beauty over time.

Part of the Milkyway X Collection

As part of the Milkyway X Collection, the Orbit X Green-Colored Bong Bowl benefits from the brand's commitment to innovative design and quality, the collection is known for its unique pieces that combine functionality and artistic expression.

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