Dichro Glitter Bubble Carb Caps

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Dichro Glitter Bubble Carb Caps A Glistening Fusion of Form and Function
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Dichroic Glass Carb Caps | Functional Dabbing | Wholesale Variety of Quartz Tools

We are excited to offer a stunning collection of dichroic glass carb caps for wholesale, a perfect addition to any functional dabbing setup. These carb caps are visually striking with their unique, iridescent colors and are designed to enhance the dabbing experience. They provide precise airflow control, allowing for efficient and even heating of concentrates. Ideal for smoke shops and dispensaries, our variety of quartz tools, including these eye-catching carb caps, cater to various preferences and styles. Retailers can provide their customers with functional and aesthetically appealing dabbing accessories by offering these high-quality dichroic glass carb caps alongside other quartz dabbing tools.

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