Phoenix 6" Dab Rig

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Experience the Mythical Smoothness of the Phoenix 6-Inch Dab Rig by Milkyway Glass – A Fusion of Art and Function
ShapeBent Neck
Glass Percolator8-Arm Tree Legs
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Female
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesStemless Joint & 14mm Male Slide
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Down Tree Perc for Superior Filtration

The Phoenix 6-inch Dab Rig by Milkyway Glass has a down-tree percolator for superior filtration. This percolation system diffuses the smoke through multiple arms, increasing the interaction between the smoke and water. The result is a smoother, more relaxed, and more filtered hit, enhancing the overall dabbing experience.

Compact 6-Inch Height for Flavor Preservation

At a compact height of 6 inches, this dab rig is designed for flavor preservation, making it ideal for connoisseurs who prioritize taste. The small size ensures that the smoke does not have to travel far, preserving the potency and flavor of the concentrates. This dab rig is perfect for those who enjoy the full spectrum of flavors their concentrates offer.

Bent Neck Design for Comfortable Use

The Phoenix Dab Rig features a bent neck design that provides a more comfortable and ergonomic user experience. The angle of the neck allows for easier access and helps prevent splashback, ensuring that the water stays in the rig and out of your mouth. This design also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the rig, making it a stylish addition to any collection.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Milkyway Glass is known for its high-quality glass pieces, and the Phoenix Dab Rig is no exception. Made from durable glass, this rig is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The craftsmanship and quality materials ensure that the rig will last, providing consistent performance and a reliable dabbing experience.

Phoenix Theme for a Mythical Touch

The Phoenix Dab Rig is not just a functional piece; it's also a work of art. The rig features a Phoenix theme, symbolizing rebirth and renewal. This mythical touch adds depth and meaning to the rig, making it a conversation starter and a prized possession for any dabber.

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