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Serene Style, Flawless Filtration - Light Blue 3.5-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass.
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3.5-inch Length for Compact Fit

The Light Blue-Colored 3.5-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass is designed for a compact fit, making it an ideal choice for enhancing smaller bongs and water pipes. Its precise length ensures optimal performance without compromising the size of your setup.

Light Blue Color for Aesthetic Appeal

This downstem comes in light blue, adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to your bong. The light blue hue is visually striking and adds a serene and calming effect to your smoking experience.

Hand-Forged and Sandblasted for Durability and Style

Crafted from clear, hand-forged glass, this downstem offers a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and ensures durability—the hand-forged process results in a more vital, more resilient piece that can withstand regular use. Additionally, the sandblasted finish provides a textured grip and an elegant matte appearance.

Multi-Slits for Efficient Smoke Diffusion

Featuring multi-slits, this downstem ensures efficient smoke diffusion and cooling, resulting in smoother hits and an enhanced smoking experience. The multi-slit design allows optimal filtration, making every hit clean and enjoyable

14mm Joint Size for Versatile Compatibility

Equipped with a 14mm joint size, the Light Blue-Colored 3.5-inch Downstem is compatible with any water pipe or bong with a 14mm female joint. This standard sizing makes it a versatile and essential addition to your smoking accessories, fitting a wide range of bongs.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Despite its intricate design, the Light Blue-Colored 3.5-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its high-quality glass and thoughtful construction allow for straightforward care, ensuring that the downstem can be kept in excellent condition and preserve its function and beauty over time.



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