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Refreshing Style, Flawless Filtration - Green 4.75-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass.
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4.75-Inch Length for Optimal Compatibility

The Green-Colored 4.75-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass is designed for optimal compatibility with various water pipes and bongs that accommodate this specific length. Its precise size ensures improved performance and fits, making it an ideal choice for those looking to replace or upgrade their current downstem.

Vibrant Green Color for Aesthetic Enhancement

This downstem comes in vibrant green, adding a lively aesthetic appeal to your water pipe setup. The green hue is visually striking and introduces a refreshing element to your bong, enhancing the overall smoking experience with its stylish appearance.

Hand-Forged and Sandblasted for Superior Quality

Crafted from clear, hand-forged glass, this downstem is durable and features a sleek aesthetic. The hand-forging process results in a more vital, resilient piece that can withstand regular use. Additionally, the sandblasted finish provides a textured grip and an elegant matte appearance, further enhancing the downstem's style and functionality.

Multi-Slits for Efficient Filtration

Featuring multi-slits, this downstem ensures efficient smoke diffusion and cooling, leading to smoother hits and an improved smoking experience. The multi-slit design allows optimal filtration, ensuring that each hit is clean and enjoyable.

Straightforward Design for Easy Maintenance

The straightforward glass design of the downstem allows for easy monitoring of resin buildup and ensures thorough cleaning. Keeping the downstem clean is crucial for the best smoking experience, and the transparency of this piece facilitates effortless maintenance.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Despite its intricate design, the Green-Colored 4.75-inch Downstem by Milkyway Glass is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It's high-quality glass and thoughtful construction allow for straightforward care, ensuring that the downstem remains in excellent condition and preserves its function and aesthetic appeal over time.

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