Dip and Rip Quartz Tip

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Dip and Rip Quartz Nails by Dabtized The Direct Dab Intake Revolution
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint Size18Male
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Dabtized Premium Quartz Accessories | Wholesale Bangers and Nails for Concentrates

Upgrade your store's dabbing accessory lineup with Dabtized's premium quartz bangers and nails, available for wholesale. Designed specifically for concentrate aficionados, these quartz accessories offer superior heat management and flavor preservation. The Dabtized range includes a variety of sizes and styles, accommodating different preferences and rigs. Ideal for upscale smoke shops and online retailers, our quartz bangers and nails set the standard for quality and performance. By offering these premium products at wholesale prices, you can attract a sophisticated clientele looking for the best dabbing accessories on the market.



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