Universe Wet Ash Catcher

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Elevate Your Bong Experience: Smooth, Clean, and Sophisticated
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint14Male
Product Details

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Premium Sandblasted Design

The Universe Wet Ash Catcher is not just any bong attachment; it's a premium piece that stands out in functionality and aesthetics. The sandblasted finish gives it a unique, frosted appearance that looks elegant and provides a tactile grip. This design detail adds a touch of sophistication to your bong, making it not just a tool for smoking but a piece of art.

Optimal 45° Angle for Perfect Fit

Designed with a 45° angle, this ash catcher fits seamlessly with bongs with similar joint angles, ensuring a snug and secure connection. This angled design is crucial for maintaining the balance of your bong, preventing any awkward tilting or potential spills. It's perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in their smoking apparatus, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal are in harmony.

14mm Male Joint Compatibility

The Universe Wet Ash Catcher features a 14mm male joint, making it compatible with a wide range of bongs with a 14mm female joint. This universal fit ensures you can easily upgrade your current bong without additional adapters or modifications. It's designed to be plug-and-play, offering an effortless way to enhance your smoking experience.

Superior Filtration for Smoother Hits

At the heart of the Universe Wet Ash Catcher's design is its ability to provide superior filtration. Capturing ash and other particulates before entering your bong ensures that each hit is smoother and cleaner. This improves the quality of your smoke and makes maintenance more accessible, as your bong stays cleaner for extended periods.

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