Honey Badger Dabtized Brand

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The ultimate convenience with our Dip and Rip Quartz Tip Attachment. This versatile accessory allows for direct intake of wax and concentrates from any ground joint bong or rig, providing a seamless and flavorful dabbing experience.
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint Size14Male
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Dabtized Wholesale Quartz Nails & Bangers for Wax Concentrates | Honey Badger

Dabtized offers an extensive range of wholesale quartz nails and bangers designed explicitly for use with wax concentrates. Our high-quality quartz products, including the Honey Badger collection, are ideal for retailers and smoke shop owners looking to provide their customers with the best dabbing experience. Quartz nails and bangers are preferred for their superior heat resistance and ability to preserve the flavor of concentrates. Our Honey Badger line features durable, easy-to-clean designs that ensure efficient and even heating. By choosing Dabtized for your wholesale needs, you can offer your customers top-tier quartz dabbing accessories that elevate their concentrate consumption experience.

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