Emperors Legacy Wet Ash Catcher

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Embrace the Art of Smoking with the Emperor's Legacy Wet Ash Catcher by Milkyway Glass
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Product Details

2 Pieces 2 $19.00

Inspired Artistic Design

The Emperor's Legacy Wet Ash Catcher is celebrated for its intricate design, inspired by an emperor's collection of war trophies, including skulls, swords, and a skeleton hand. This theme is carefully hand-carved into the glass, providing a sophisticated tactile experience. The artwork adds a unique aesthetic appeal and makes each piece a collector's item.

Optimal 90° Angle for Seamless Fit

Designed with a 90° angle, this ash catcher is engineered to fit seamlessly with bongs that have a corresponding joint angle. This ensures a perfect balance and prevents awkward tilting, enhancing the overall smoking experience. The 90° angle is particularly suited for setups that require a straight-down attachment, making it a versatile choice for many bong owners.

Superior Filtration with Showerhead Perc

At the core of the Emperor's Legacy Wet Ash Catcher is a showerhead renowned for its efficient smoke and vapor filtration. This feature keeps your bong cleaner by trapping ash and particulates, ensuring smoother and cleaner hits. The showerhead perc is a testament to the piece's functionality, marrying form with function.

Craftsmanship by Milkyway Glass

Milkyway Glass, known for its quality and innovative designs, brings the Emperor's Legacy Wet Ash Catcher to life. Each piece results from meticulous craftsmanship and is made from high-quality glass that ensures durability and longevity. By choosing Milkyway Glass, you're investing in a piece that elevates your smoking experience with its beauty and performance.

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