Golden Seed Matrix Dry Ash Catcher

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Artistic Flair, Pristine Functionality - Golden Seed Matrix Dry Glass Ash Catcher by Wormhole Glass.
Glass StyleArtistic Heady Glass
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Product Details

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Unique Golden Seed Matrix Decal Print for Visual Intrigue

The Golden Seed Matrix Dry Glass Ash Catcher is adorned with a unique decal print that captures the intricate patterns of the Golden Seed Matrix design. This eye-catching print adds an artistic touch to the ash catcher, making it a visually appealing addition to any water pipe or bong

90-degree Angle for Perfect Alignment

This ash catcher is designed with a 90-degree angle and ensures perfect alignment with water pipes with a corresponding 90-degree joint. This design allows for a seamless fit and enhances the overall smoking experience by properly aligning with your water pipe's intake

14mm Male Joint for Broad Compatibility

Equipped with a 14mm male joint, the Golden Seed Matrix Dry Glass Ash Catcher is compatible with any water pipe or bong with a 14mm female joint. This standard sizing makes the ash catcher a versatile and essential addition to your smoking accessories, fitting a wide range of bongs.

Dry Ash Catcher for a Cleaner Experience

As a dry ash catcher, this accessory traps ash and debris before entering your water pipe, keeping your piece cleaner and providing smoother hits. It's an essential tool for maintaining the purity of your smoke and extending the life of your water pipe.

High-Quality Glass for Durability

Constructed with high-quality glass, the Golden Seed Matrix Dry Glass Ash Catcher is built to last. The durable material ensures that the ash catcher can endure regular use while maintaining its integrity and appearance.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Despite the intricate decal work, the Golden Seed Matrix Dry Glass Ash Catcher is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its high-quality glass and thoughtful construction allow for straightforward care, ensuring that the ash catcher can be kept in excellent condition and preserve its function and beauty over time.

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