X Morphic: EVO Dry Ash Catcher

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X-Morphic Evo Dry Ash Catcher: Elevate Your Waterpipe with a Touch of Art and Filtration.
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
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X-Morphic Evo Dry Ash Catcher

The X-Morphic Evo Dry Ash Catcher is imagined as a premium waterpipe accessory that traps ash and debris, providing cleaner smoke and protecting the main chamber of the waterpipe from contaminants. This ash catcher will likely feature a 90° joint angle, making it compatible with waterpipes requiring a perpendicular connection.

Hand-Sandblasted Art

The X-Morphic Evo Dry Ash Catcher would typically showcase hand-sandblasted art, a hallmark of Milkyway Glass's dedication to intricate and visually appealing designs. This technique involves etching the glass surface by hand, creating detailed patterns and aesthetically pleasing textures that provide a better grip.

90° Joint Angle for Compatibility

A 90° joint angle is ideal for waterpipes with a horizontal joint, ensuring a snug fit and proper function. This angle is crucial for preventing water from spilling and maintaining the water pipe's balance during use.

Superior Filtration

The primary function of an ash catcher is to offer an additional layer of filtration, resulting in a smoother and cleaner smoking experience. The X-Morphic Evo Dry Ash Catcher would include a percolation system to diffuse the smoke further, cooling it down before inhalation.

Online Availability

Such accessories are typically available online, providing convenience for shoppers. Online headshops and retailers offer a wide selection of waterpipe accessories, including ash catchers like the X-Morphic Evo, often at competitive prices and with the option for customer reviews and ratings.

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