X Morphic: EVO 14" Beaker Bong

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Smoke in Style - X-Morphic Beaker Bong by Milkyway Glass.
StyleArtistic Heady Glass
Glass PercolatorHeady Art
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint14Female
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesDiffuser Downstem & Bowl
Product Details

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Smoke Hand-Carved Sandblasted Design

The Milkyway Glass X-Morphic 14-inch Beaker Bong showcases a smoke hand-carved sandblasted design, offering a visually striking and textured finish. This meticulous sandblasting process enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides an anti-slip surface, making the bong easier to handle. The smoke color adds a mysterious and sophisticated touch to the design, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Deep Etched Detailing

This beaker bong features deep etched detailing, displaying intricate patterns and designs permanently etched into the glass. The deep etching provides a unique tactile experience and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the beaker, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of Milkyway Glass. The focus on high-quality, beautiful designs and fantastic functionality is evident in every detail

14-inch Height for Comfortable Use

Standing 14 inches tall, the X-Morphic Beaker Bong provides a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. The height allows for ample smoke cooling and diffusion space, delivering smoother hits. It's an ideal size for both novice and experienced smokers.

Sturdy Base for Enhanced Stability

Constructed with a sturdy base, the X-Morphic Beaker Bong offers enhanced stability. The robust build ensures longevity and a quality feel, while the beaker design provides a stable base for secure placement during use.

Premium Milkyway Glass Quality

Milkyway Glass is renowned for creating premium sandblasted glass with high quality, beautiful designs, and fantastic functionality. Each piece is carefully crafted with exceptional attention to detail, offering a product that connects with customers personally. Employing a unique blend of character design, contemporary style, multi-layer sandblast finish, and flourishes of color, Milkyway Glass has strived to create works of smoking art since 2015

X-Morphic Design

The X-Morphic design is a signature of Milkyway Glass, featuring intricate patterns and futuristic motifs. The design is deeply sandblasted into the glass, creating a stunning visual effect that is both modern and timeless. This beaker bong is a testament to the brand's focus on creating pieces that connect with the customer on a personal level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What distinguishes the X-Morphic 14-Inch Beaker Bong by Milkyway Glass?

The X-Morphic 14-inch Beaker Bong by Milkyway Glass is notable for its unique smoke color and the intricate hand-carved, sandblasted design that covers its surface. This deep etched detailing adds visual appeal and tactile interest, making the bong a functional piece for smoking and a work of art. Standing at 14 inches, this beaker bong offers a classic shape known for stability and efficient water filtration, enhanced by its detailed craftsmanship's aesthetic and functional benefits.

How does the hand-carved sandblasted design enhance the smoking experience?

The hand-carved sandblasted design on the X-Morphic Beaker Bong provides a textured surface that enhances grip, reducing the likelihood of accidental drops. Beyond the practical benefits, the deep-etched patterns create a visually stimulating experience, adding an element of beauty and intrigue to each use. The craftsmanship in making these detailed designs showcases Milkyway Glass's commitment to quality and artistry, ensuring that each piece is unique.

Where can customers purchase the X-Morphic 14-inch Smoke Hand-Carved Sandblasted Beaker Bong?

Customers purchasing the X-Morphic 14-inch Smoke Hand-Carved Sandblasted Beaker Bong can find it directly through Milkyway Glass's official website. By buying directly from Milkyway Glass, customers can ensure they are receiving an authentic product crafted with the brand's signature attention to detail and quality. The official website offers comprehensive information on pricing, availability, and shipping options, providing a seamless purchasing experience for those looking to add this exquisite piece to their collection.

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