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Silicone Wax Containers - Concentrate Square 70ml TX304, Bulk Jars at Low Prices

Presenting our Silicone Wax Containers, specifically the Concentrate Silicone Square 70ml TX304 model, now available in bulk at low prices. These containers are designed for storing various concentrates, offering a practical and efficient solution for personal and commercial use. Each 70ml container is made from high-grade silicone, ensuring a non-stick surface ideal for managing waxy and sticky substances.

The square shape of the TX304 model maximizes space and allows for easy stacking and storage. These silicone jars are durable, flexible, and heat-resistant, making them a long-lasting option for concentrate storage. The bulk availability of these jars at low prices makes them an excellent choice for retailers and suppliers looking to offer quality products at an affordable cost.

These Silicone Wax Containers are perfect for dispensaries, head shops, and online retailers requiring reliable and cost-effective concentrate storage solutions. The 70ml size is ideal for various uses, and the non-stick silicone material ensures that concentrates are easily accessible and maintained in pristine condition.

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