Bee Hive Quartz Banger Nail

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Sweet Hits, Superior Quality - Bee Hive Quartz Banger by Milkyway Glass.
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint Size14Male
Product Details

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High-Quality Premium Quartz

The Bee Hive Quartz Banger is made with high-quality premium quartz, ensuring durability and excellent heat resistance. Quartz is favored for its superior heat retention properties, allowing for efficient and consistent vaporization of wax concentrates.

Fully Welded Seamless Thick Joint

Featuring a fully welded seamless thick joint, this quartz banger offers enhanced durability and a sleek appearance. The seamless construction minimizes weak points that could lead to breakage, ensuring a longer lifespan for the banger.

Milkyway Sandblast Application

The Bee Hive Quartz Banger includes a quality Milkyway sandblast application as part of the signature Hive collection. This unique finish adds to the aesthetic appeal of the piece and is indicative of Milkyway Glass's commitment to innovation and quality

90-degree Angle for Compatibility

Designed with a 90-degree angle, the Bee Hive Quartz Banger is compatible with a wide range of dab rigs, particularly those with a vertical downstem. This angle allows for a comfortable dabbing position and is ideal for setups that require a perpendicular connection

14mm Male Joint for Broad Compatibility

The banger features a 14mm male joint, making it compatible with any dab rig with a 14mm female joint. This standard sizing ensures that the banger can be a valuable addition to a wide variety of smoking setups, enhancing the smoking experience for users.

Part of The Hive Collection

The Bee Hive Quartz Banger is part of the signature Hive collection, perfectly matching Milkyway mini beakers and rigs. The collection is inspired by the humble honey bee and the power contained in honey, making it a fan favorite since its inception.

Release Date and Specifications

The Bee Hive Quartz Banger was released in February 2023, measuring 4 inches long and weighing 25 grams. It has a thickness of 3 mm and a transparent color, making it a functional and visually appealing addition to any dab rig setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What distinguishes the Bee Hive Milkyway Glass Quartz Banger Buckets with a 90-degree fit?

The Bee Hive Milkyway Glass Quartz Banger Buckets are uniquely designed for wax concentrate enthusiasts who appreciate both functionality and aesthetic appeal. These bangers feature a 14mm male joint at a 90-degree angle, making them compatible with dab rigs with a corresponding 90-degree female joint. The standout feature of these bangers is the intricate bee hive pattern etched into the quartz, which not only enhances the visual appeal but also increases the surface area, improving the vaporization process of concentrates.

How does the bee hive design enhance the functionality of the quartz banger?

The bee hive design etched into the Bee Hive Banger Buckets quartz is not merely decorative. This pattern increases the surface area inside the banger, facilitating a more efficient distribution and vaporization of wax concentrates. The increased surface area allows for more even heating and a smoother, more flavorful dabbing experience. Additionally, the textured interior helps manage the viscosity of different concentrates, ensuring that they melt and vaporize effectively.

Where can customers purchase the Bee Hive Milkyway Glass Quartz Banger Buckets for 90-degree rigs?

Customers interested in acquiring the Bee Hive Milkyway Glass Quartz Banger Buckets with a 90-degree fit can find this premium accessory on the official Milkyway Glass website. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures customers receive a genuine product crafted to the highest quality standards. The Milkyway Glass website provides comprehensive details about the product, including specifications, pricing, and shipping options, making the purchasing process straightforward and user-friendly. Customers are encouraged to visit the Milkyway Glass website to view this product's latest updates and explore additional accessories that might complement their dabbing setup.

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