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Stack-A-Brick Silicone Dab Containers - 7-in-1 Concentrate Storage, Bulk Wholesale

We are introducing the Stack-A-Brick Silicone Dab Containers, a revolutionary 7-in-1 solution for storing different concentrate strains. As a bulk supplier, we offer this innovative product designed for those who need to keep multiple concentrates organized in one convenient location. Each segment of this stackable container is made from durable, unbreakable silicone, ideal for preserving the quality and integrity of various concentrates.

The unique design features a pattern on the top and bottom of each container, allowing you to connect and stack multiple units easily. This saves space and creates an organized and visually appealing display. The silicone material is non-stick, ensuring that concentrates can be easily stored and accessed.

Perfect for dispensaries, smoke shops, and online retailers, the Stack-A-Brick Silicone Dab Containers are an excellent choice for bulk purchases. They offer a practical and efficient way for customers to manage their concentrates, providing convenience and reliability. The ability to store multiple strains in one compact unit makes these containers a must-have accessory for concentrate enthusiasts.



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