Bio Insignia 6" Dab Rig

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Artistic Flair, Feminine Touch - Bio-Insignia Dab Rig in Pink by Milkyway Glass.
ShapeDab Rig
Glass PercolatorTire Diffuser
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Female
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube7mm
Parts & AccessoriesStemless Joint & 14mm Male Slide
Product Details

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Sandblasted Hand-Carved Art

The Bio-Insignia 6-inch Dab Rig showcases sandblasted hand-carved art, offering a visually striking and textured finish. This meticulous sandblasting process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides an anti-slip surface, making the rig more straightforward to handle

Vibrant Pink Tube Color

This dab rig features a vibrant pink tube color, adding a touch of femininity and personality to your smoking experience. The pink hue is visually appealing and makes this rig a standout piece in any collection, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your smoking apparatus.

Compact 6-Inch Size

Standing 6 inches tall, the Bio-Insignia Dab Rig is compact and functional. The height is perfect for those who prefer a smaller rig that is easy to handle and store while providing ample space for smoke cooling and diffusion, delivering smoother hits.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Constructed from high-quality glass, the Bio-Insignia Dab Rig offers enhanced durability. The robust build ensures longevity and a quality feel, while the cone design provides a stable base for secure placement during use.

Part of the Milkyway X Collection

As part of the Milkyway X Collection, this dab rig is designed to pay homage to the intricate world of bio-insignia. The collection includes a range of sandblasted beaker bongs and accessories inspired by the fusion of biology and technology, allowing smokers to immerse themselves in a unique theme.

Release Date and Specifications

The Bio-Insignia 6-inch Dab Rig was released in October 2023, measuring 6 inches in height and weighing 0.35 kg. It features a 14 mm joint and a thickness of 5 mm, making it both a functional and visually appealing addition to any dab rig setup. Available in clear, pink, dark blue, and teal versions

Milkyway Glass Craftsmanship

This dab rig, a product of Milkyway Glass, exemplifies the brand's dedication to crafting unique, high-quality sandblasted glass products. Known for their beautiful designs and fantastic functionality, Milkyway Glass pieces connect with customers personally, offering an unparalleled smoking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Bio-Insignia 6-Inch Dab Rig by Milkyway Glass?

The Bio-Insignia 6-inch Dab Rig by Milkyway Glass is a compact, high-quality dabbing device for wax concentrates. It features a unique pink tube color that is both eye-catching and stylish. The rig is adorned with sandblasted, hand-carved art that showcases Milkyway Glass's commitment to intricate designs and craftsmanship. The Bio-Insignia theme is inspired by biological symbols and patterns, making it a visually stunning piece that stands out in any collection.

How does the sandblasted hand-carved art enhance the dab rig?

The sandblasted hand-carved art on the Bio-Insignia Dab Rig adds a unique aesthetic appeal and enhances the rig's tactile experience. The intricate carvings provide a textured grip, reducing the likelihood of accidental drops during use. Additionally, the sandblasted finish creates a matte appearance that diffuses light beautifully, highlighting the detailed artwork and making the rig an authentic piece of art.

What makes the pink tube color of the Bio-Insignia Dab Rig unique?

The Bio-Insignia Dab Rig's pink tube color sets it apart from traditional designs. This vibrant hue adds a playful and modern touch to the rig, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate functionality and style in their dabbing accessories. The color and detailed sandblasted art make the Bio-Insignia Dab Rig a standout piece that will attract attention.

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