Hotbox 6” Downstem

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Transform Your Bong with Artistic Flair - Hotbox Purple Downstem by Milkyway Glass.
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Hand-Carved Design

The Hotbox 6-inch Down stem features a unique hand-carved design, showcasing intricate detailing that reflects Milkyway Glass’s high level of craftsmanship. This artistic approach enhances the visual appeal and adds a personal touch to your smoking apparatus.

Purple-Colored Sandblast Finish

This down stem is finished with a purple-colored sandblast technique, giving it a sophisticated matte appearance that is visually striking and functional. The sandblasted texture provides a better grip and diffuses the smoke more effectively, ensuring a smoother draw.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Made from high-quality glass, the Hotbox 6-inch Down stem promises durability and a premium feel. Milkyway Glass uses only the finest materials to ensure that each piece meets its high standards of quality and performance, making it a reliable choice for enhancing your bong

6-Inch Size for Compatibility

This down stem measures 6 inches in length and is designed to fit a variety of bongs, making it a versatile accessory for any smoker. Its standard size allows for easy replacement or upgrade of your current down stem.

Enhances Filtration and Smoking Experience

The Hotbox Down stem is engineered to enhance your bong’s filtration. The sandblasted interior increases the interaction between smoke and water, resulting in a cooler and cleaner hit every time.

For Collectors and Enthusiasts

Whether you're a smoking enthusiast or a collector of unique glass pieces, the Hotbox 6-inch Purple-Colored Sandblast Tech Down stem is an excellent addition to your collection. Its unique design and functional features make it a valuable addition to any collection, appealing to those who value aesthetics and performance.

Part of the 'Space Puffs' Collection

This down stem is part of the 'Space Puffs' collection by Milkyway and Koala Puffs, which tells the tale of an intergalactic adventure. It is specifically designed for the Hotbox 16” beaker, making it a perfect match for those who own or intend to purchase this beaker from the same series.

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