Pink Lotus Cones - 3 Per Pack - 15 Pack Display

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Refinement in Every Puff: Pink Lotus Rose Palm Leaf for Supreme Smoking Pleasure
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Handcrafted with Natural Ingredients

Our Pink Lotus Rose Palm Leaf products are meticulously handcrafted using natural rose petals and palm leaves, ensuring a pure and organic smoking experience. Using natural, carefully selected petals guarantees that each wrap and cone is free of synthetic additives and chemicals.

Slow-burning for Extended Enjoyment

Designed to burn slowly, these king-size products provide a prolonged smoking session, allowing you to savor the natural floral aroma and subtle earthy notes. This slow burn is ideal for those who appreciate enjoying each moment of their smoking experience.

Cool Filtration System

Equipped with a corn husk filter, these wraps and cones offer smooth filtration, reducing the harshness of smoke and enhancing the overall smoothness of each draw. This feature mainly benefits those prioritizing comfort and a more relaxed smoking experience.

Vibrant Pink Color

The vibrant pink color of the Lotus Rose Palm Leaf products adds a visually appealing element and reflects the rose petals' natural essence. This distinctive color makes each session a smoking experience and a visual delight.

King Size for Versatility

The King Size format provides ample space for packing your preferred herbal blends, making these products versatile. Whether enjoying a personal session or sharing with friends, these large wraps and cones accommodate more content for longer-lasting enjoyment.

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