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Effortless Dabbing on the Go: The Ispure Daab Pen Red with Ceramic Tip.
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Bold Red Color Design

The Ispure Daab Pen is a vibrant red pen offering superior functionality and bold accessory for concentrate enthusiasts. Its striking design makes it a fashionable choice for on-the-go dabbing.

Electronic Nectar Collector

Designed for wax concentrates, this electronic nectar collector simplifies the dabbing process. Users can directly dab from their concentrate containers with their Ceramic tips, enjoying pure and flavorful vapor without additional tools.

Ceramic Tip for Pure Flavor

The ceramic tip ensures optimal heat resistance and flavor preservation, delivering smooth and potent hits. Its high-quality construction guarantees efficient vaporization of concentrates, providing a superior dabbing experience.

Automatic Functionality

The Daab Pen features an automatic function, allowing easy operation with a simple button press. This user-friendly feature enhances its convenience, making it accessible to beginners and experienced users.

Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece

Equipped with a silicone mouthpiece, the Daab Pen ensures comfortable use during each session. The mouthpiece is designed to fit securely, providing a pleasant and safe dabbing experience without the risk of heat transfer.

Daab Pan Electronic Concentrate Vaporizer Wholesale Bulk Supplier

The Daab Pen by ISPURE is an electronic nectar collector explicitly designed for wax concentrates. This device stands out due to its ceramic tip, which ensures a pure and clean vaporization experience, significantly reducing the chance of a burnt taste and enhancing the fidelity of the flavor. The ceramic material provides excellent heat resistance and durability, making it ideal for consistent use.

Key Features of the Daab Pen by ISPURE:

  • Ceramic Tip: The Daab Pen features a high-quality ceramic tip with superior heat resistance and durability. This tip ensures that the concentrates are vaporized efficiently, delivering a clean and flavorful experience without the burnt taste often associated with lesser materials.
  • Automatic Function: The Daab Pen includes an automatic heating function for ease of use. This feature allows for hands-free operation, and the device heats the concentrate to the optimal temperature, ensuring a perfect hit every time.
  • Silicone Mouthpiece: Comfort is key with the Daab Pen, which includes a silicone mouthpiece. This design choice makes the device more comfortable to use and prevents the concentrates from going directly into your mouth, enhancing the overall safety and enjoyment of the vaping experience.
  • Portable and Discreet: The Daab Pen's compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go use. It fits easily into your pocket or bag, making it ideal for discreet use without drawing unnecessary attention.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain: The Daab Pen is designed for beginners and experienced users. It is easy to operate with straightforward controls and is just as easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance.

User of the Daab Pen:

The Daab Pen is perfect for individuals who appreciate the pure flavor of their wax concentrates and prefer a portable device that can be used discreetly. Its automatic function and easy maintenance make it suitable for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts looking for a reliable nectar collector.

How to Use the Daab Pen:

  1. Charge the Device: Ensure the Daab Pen is fully charged before use.
  2. Prepare the Concentrate: Place your wax concentrate on a heat-resistant surface.
  3. Activate the Pen: Turn on the Daab Pen and let the ceramic tip heat to the desired temperature.
  4. Inhale: Gently touch the ceramic tip to the concentrate and inhale through the silicone mouthpiece.
  5. Enjoy: Experience the pure, flavorful vapor the Daab Pen produces.

Maintenance Tips:

  • After each use, ensure the ceramic tip is cleaned to prevent residue build-up.
  • Charge the device regularly to maintain battery life.
  • Store the Daab Pen in a cool, dry place when not in use to preserve its components.

The Daab Pen by ISPURE is a top choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly electronic nectar collector for wax concentrates. Its ceramic tip, automatic function, and silicone mouthpiece combination make it a standout device in the market.

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