Cali Cloud Stereo Matrix Perc Nectar Collector

Item Code NC64-Mixed
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Precision Dabbing with Style: Cali CloudX Glass Large Stereo Percolated 14 Male Size Nectar Collectors
StyleWax and Concentrates
Glass PercolatorSingle-Hole
Joint Angle360°
Ground Joint510 Thread Connect
Product Details

6 Pcs (Mixed Colors) 6 $8.50

Function and Precision

The stereo-percolated design of these nectar collectors enhances their functionality by providing superior smoke diffusion, resulting in a smoother, more consistent dabbing experience. The precision of the stereo percolation system ensures efficient and even airflow, which is crucial for extracting the full flavor and potency of concentrates.

Enhanced Airflow and Flavor

The large stereo percolator in these nectar collectors optimizes airflow, reducing drag and allowing for easy inhalation. This improved airflow ensures that the vapor is cooled adequately before reaching the user, enhancing the overall flavor and making each session more enjoyable.


Constructed from high-quality glass, these nectar collectors are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. The robust build ensures long-lasting durability, making them a reliable choice for personal and commercial use.


Featuring a 14-male size, these nectar collectors are compatible with a wide range of dabbing accessories and components. This standard sizing makes it easy for users to find compatible parts and accessories, enhancing the versatility of the nectar collector.

Cali CloudX Brand

As a product of the Cali CloudX brand, these nectar collectors represent the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Known for producing innovative and reliable dabbing equipment, Cali CloudX ensures that each piece meets high standards of craftsmanship and performance.

Color Variants

These nectar collectors are available in various color variants, allowing users to choose according to their style preferences. The color options add a personal touch and make these tools visually appealing, enhancing the overall dabbing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key features of the Cali CloudX Large Stereo Percolated Glass Nectar Collector? It is designed for enthusiasts who appreciate functionality and craftsmanship.

  • Stereo Percolator: Enhances filtration, providing smoother and cooler vapor for an improved dabbing experience.
  • 14mm Male Size: Compatible with various dabbing components, offering versatility in setup.
  • Kit Components Included: All necessary components are for immediate use, ensuring a complete dabbing solution right out of the box.

How does the stereo percolator enhance the dabbing experience? The stereo percolator in the Cali CloudX nectar collector uses multiple diffusion points to break up the vapor into finer particles. This process significantly cools down the vapor and filters out impurities, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful inhale. The enhanced filtration also reduces harshness, making it easier on the throat and lungs during use.

What components are included in the kit? The Cali CloudX Large Stereo Percolated Glass Nectar Collector kit includes several essential elements to ensure you can use it immediately. These typically consist of the main nectar collector body with the stereo percolator, a durable tip for efficient heat application, and possibly other accessories such as a dabbing dish or a carrying case, depending on the specific package.

Is the 14mm male size standard for compatibility with other dabbing accessories? Yes, the 14mm male size is a common standard in the dabbing industry, ensuring compatibility with various accessories such as bowls, adapters, and other components. This site allows users to integrate the nectar collector into their existing setups or expand its functionality with additional accessories.

Where can I purchase the Cali CloudX Large Stereo Percolated Glass Nectar Collector? The Cali CloudX Large Stereo Percolated Glass Nectar Collector is available through TokersHub, a trusted wholesale distributor. You can order directly from their website, ensuring you receive a genuine product at competitive wholesale pricing. This accessibility helps retailers and individual consumers alike obtain high-quality dabbing equipment.

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