Chillum to Straws Replacements Pyrex Tube- 25-Count Display

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Versatile and Vibrant: White Rhino Chillum to Straw Pyrex with Multi-Colored Silicone Body - Wholesale Display
Glass StyleReplacement
Joint Angle360°
Ground Joint SizeAttachment
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High-Quality Pyrex Glass Tips

The White Rhino Chillum to Straw replacement tips are crafted from high-quality Pyrex glass, known for its excellent heat resistance and durability. These tips are designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring a clean and efficient dabbing experience.

Heat-Resistant and Durable

Pyrex glass is ideal for low-temperature dabbing as it has a lower melting point than quartz. This makes it perfect for users who prefer a smoother, more excellent hit without compromising the integrity of their concentrates.

Versatile Use

These Pyrex glass tips are designed to fit the White Rhino Chillum to Straw, a versatile 2-in-1 device used as a chillum for dry herbs or a straw for concentrates. The tips are easy to replace, ensuring your device is always ready.

Bulk Replacement Tips

Available in a 25-count jar, these replacement tips are perfect for retailers and consumers who want to stock up on essential dabbing accessories. The bulk packaging ensures you always have a replacement tip on hand when needed.

For Retailers

These Pyrex replacement tips are available for wholesale purchase, making them an excellent addition to any smoke shop's inventory. The high demand for quality dabbing accessories ensures that these tips will be famous among customers.

The White Rhino Chillum to Straw PYREX Glass Heat-Resistant Dabbing Honey Straw is a versatile smoking accessory designed for dabbing. It features a heat-resistant PYREX glass tip, making it ideal for high-temperature dabbing. This product combines the functionality of a chillum and a straw, providing a unique and efficient dabbing experience.
This product is made from high-quality, heat-resistant PYREX glass for the dabbing tip and durable materials for the body. The PYREX glass tip ensures excellent heat retention and durability, making it perfect for consistent and efficient dabbing.
Yes, White Rhino offers bulk replacement tips for the Chillum to Straw PYREX Glass Heat-Resistant Dabbing Honey Straw. These replacement tips come in a 25-count jar, ensuring you have plenty of spares to keep your dabbing sessions uninterrupted.
PYREX glass tips are known for their excellent heat resistance and durability, providing a smooth and consistent dabbing experience. They are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a pure taste without any metallic aftertaste that can occur with other materials.
Yes, the White Rhino Chillum to Straw PYREX Glass Heat-Resistant Dabbing Honey Straw and its bulk replacement tips are available for wholesale purchase. We offer competitive wholesale pricing and flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs) to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Please contact our sales team or visit our website for more details.

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