2mm - 90° 10mm Female Quartz Banger Bucket - 5 Pack

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Elevate Your Dab: Premium Quartz Banger with Angled Joint
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint Size10Female
Product Details

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2mm Thickness for Quick Heat-Up

The 2mm thick quartz construction ensures rapid heat-up times, allowing you to enjoy your dabbing sessions without long waits. This thickness also provides effective heat retention for consistent temperature control.

90° Fit Angle

Designed with a 90-degree angle, this quartz banger is perfect for rigs with upright joints, ensuring a comfortable and efficient dabbing experience.

10mm Female Joint

The 10mm female joint fits securely with corresponding 10mm male joints, making it compatible with a wide range of dab rigs and water pipes.

Premium Quartz Quality

Crafted from high-quality quartz, this banger offers exceptional durability and heat resistance. Quartz is known for withstanding high temperatures without cracking, ensuring a long-lasting product.

Heat Resistance

The superior heat resistance of quartz allows for optimal vaporization of concentrates, providing a clean and flavorful dabbing experience.

White Rhino Brand

As a trusted name in the industry, White Rhino guarantees top-notch quality and performance with every product. This quartz banger is no exception, offering reliable and efficient dabbing.

Quartz Nail Tools Benefits

Using a quartz banger enhances the flavor of your concentrates, as quartz does not interfere with the taste. It also retains heat well, making it ideal for low-temperature dabs.

Bulk Wholesale Packaging

This quartz banger is available in bulk wholesale packaging and is perfect for retailers and smoke shops looking to stock high-quality dabbing accessories. The bulk packaging ensures you have plenty of inventory to meet customer demand.

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