4mm - 90° 10mm Male Quartz Banger Bucket - 5 Pack

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Efficient Dabbing with White Rhino: 4mm Quartz Banger Buckets
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint Size10Male
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4mm Thickness for Optimal Heat Retention

The 4mm thick quartz construction ensures excellent heat retention, allowing prolonged dabbing sessions without frequent reheating. This thickness strikes the perfect balance between durability and performance.

90-degree angle for Versatile Fit

Designed with a 90° angle, these quartz banger buckets are compatible with various dab rigs, ensuring a secure and efficient fit. The angle aids in better vapor circulation and prevents concentrate pooling.

10mm Male Joint Compatibility

The 10mm male joint fits seamlessly with corresponding female joints on dab rigs, providing a tight and secure connection. This ensures the banger stays in place during use, preventing accidental spills or disconnections.

Heat Resistance for Safe Dabbing

Crafted from premium quartz, these bangers are highly heat-resistant, making them ideal for high-temperature dabbing. Quartz's natural properties ensure it can withstand repeated heating cycles without losing integrity.

White Rhino Brand Quality

White Rhino is known for its high-quality smoking accessories; these quartz banger buckets are no exception. The brand's commitment to excellence ensures you receive a reliable and efficient product.

Premium Quartz Nail Tools Benefits

Using quartz nails offers several benefits, including superior flavor retention, durability, and ease of cleaning. Quartz does not interfere with the taste of your concentrates, providing a pure and flavorful dabbing experience.

Bulk Wholesale Packaging

These quartz banger buckets are in bulk wholesale packaging, making them ideal for retailers and smoke shops. Stock up on these high-quality bangers to meet your customers' demands.

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