14mm C Clip Adapters For Downstems & Nectar Collectors - Black

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Secure Your Glass: 14mm Black Keck Clips by White Rhino
Glass StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle360°
Ground Joint Size14Male
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14mm Size for Versatile Compatibility

These C Keck Clips are designed to fit 14mm joints, making them compatible with a wide range of glass accessories, including downstems, nectar collectors, and quartz nails.

Durable Construction

Made from high-quality, heat-resistant plastic, these clips are built to withstand regular use and high temperatures, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable hold.

Strong and Secure Hold

The clips provide a strong and secure hold, preventing accidental detachment of glass components during use. This ensures the safety and integrity of your smoking setup.

Black Colored for Sleek Aesthetics

The black color of these clips adds a sleek and modern look to your glassware, complementing the aesthetic of any setup without overshadowing the glass.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

These clips are ideal replacement parts and essential accessories for maintaining the stability and functionality of your glass pieces.

Bulk Supply for Retailers

Available in a bulk supply of 200-count, these clips are perfect for retailers, smoke shops, and dispensaries looking to stock up on essential glass accessories.

White Rhino Brand

As a White Rhino product, these clips guarantee premium quality and performance, which are trusted by dabbing and smoking enthusiasts.

Easy to Use

Designed for ease of use, these clips can be quickly snapped on and off, allowing for fast and efficient setup changes or cleaning processes.

The C-Keck Clips are designed to fit a 14mm Size, making them compatible with various downstems and nectar collectors.
These C-Keck Clips are made to be Durable, ensuring a strong and secure hold for your downstems and nectar collectors.
The 14mm C-Keck Clips are compatible with a wide range of downstems, nectar collectors, and other dabbing accessories, providing versatility in their use.
These C-Keck Clips are primarily used to secure downstems and nectar collectors, ensuring they stay in place during use. They are essential Replacement Parts & Accessories for maintaining your dabbing setup.
The 14mm C-Keck Clips are offered by White Rhino, a reputable brand known for its high-quality dabbing accessories and tools.
Yes, these C-Keck Clips can be used with Quartz Nails, Tools, and other dabbing accessories, providing a secure and stable connection.
Yes, the 14mm C-Keck Clips are available in Bulk Supply, specifically in a 200-count package. This option is ideal for retailers and businesses looking to stock high-quality replacement parts and accessories.
Using these C-Keck Clips with Nectar Collectors ensures a strong and durable hold, preventing any accidental disconnections and enhancing the overall dabbing experience.

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