10 Female to 14 Female - White Rhino - 10 Count

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Seamless Compatibility: 10mm to 14mm Female Glass Converter by White Rhino
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Bong Attachments

This glass converter adapter is an essential attachment for any bong or dab rig. It allows you to connect various accessories with ease.

Converter Adapters

This adapter converts a 10mm female joint to a 14mm female joint, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of bowls, bangers, and other glass accessories.

10mm Female to 14mm Female Size

The adapter features a 10mm female joint on one end and a 14mm female joint on the other, making it versatile for different setups.

White Rhino Brand

As a White Rhino product, this adapter guarantees premium quality and reliability and is trusted by smoking enthusiasts.

Bulk 10-Count Jars

Ideal for retailers and smoke shops, this adapter is available in bulk 10-count jars, ensuring you can stock up on this high-demand product.


Attach the adapter to your bong or dab rig to convert the joint size, allowing you to use a variety of glass accessories that may not have originally fit.


  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality glass, this adapter is built to last and withstand regular use.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: This allows you to mix and match different-sized accessories, providing greater flexibility in your smoking setup.
  • Easy to Use: Effortlessly attach and detach the adapter as needed, making it a convenient addition to your collection.

Bong Attachments are accessories designed to enhance or modify the functionality of your bong. They can include various adapters, converters, and other components that improve the smoking experience.
A Converter Adapter is a device that allows you to change the size of the joint on your bong or other smoking apparatus. This specific adapter converts a 10 Female joint to a 14 Female joint.
This adapter converts a 10 Female joint to a 14 Female joint, making it compatible with a wider range of bong attachments and accessories.
The 10 Female to 14 Female Glass Converter Adapter is offered by White Rhino, a reputable brand known for its high-quality smoking accessories and tools.
Yes, the White Rhino Glass Converter Adapters are available in Bulk 10 Count Jars, making them ideal for retailers and businesses looking to stock high-quality bong attachments.
The primary Usage of this adapter is to convert the joint size of your bong or other smoking apparatus, allowing you to use attachments and accessories that require a different joint size.
The Advantages of using this adapter include increased versatility and compatibility with various bong attachments and accessories. It allows you to customize your smoking setup to better suit your preferences.
By allowing you to use a wider range of attachments and accessories, this adapter enhances the smoking experience by providing more options for customization and improving the overall functionality of your bong.

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