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Timeless Sophistication, Modern Vaping: Luzid Sherlocker Matte Black Edition
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Classic Design with Vibrant Colors

The Sherlocker combines the timeless elegance of a traditional pipe with a modern twist. It features a striking purple and orange color scheme. This unique design allows you to vape in style while making a bold statement.

650mAh Battery Capacity

Enjoy prolonged vaping sessions with the Sherlocker's powerful 650mAh battery, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Variable Voltage Settings

Customize your vaping experience with three variable voltage settings (2.8V, 3.4V, and 4.0V), allowing you to explore different vapor intensities and flavors to suit your preferences.

Fits Up to 1g Cartridges (11.7mm Diameter)

Compatible with standard 510 threaded cartridges up to 11.7mm in diameter and 1g in capacity, the Sherlocker offers versatility and convenience, allowing you to use a wide range of cartridges.

Rapid USB Type-C Charging

Minimize downtime with the fast and efficient USB Type-C charging port, ensuring your device is always ready for your next vaping session.

Clear and Crisp Display

Stay informed with the device's clear and concise display, presenting various functions and settings at a glance for a user-friendly experience.

Fast Preheat Feature and Efficient Charging

The fast preheat feature prevents clogs and ensures a seamless vaping experience. The efficient charging system fully charges your device in just about 70 minutes.

Safety Features

Engineered with overvoltage, short circuit, and overload protection, the Sherlocker prioritizes your safety, providing peace of mind during every vaping session.

The new color variant of the Luzid Sherlocker is a thermal color-changing design that shifts between purple and orange. This adds a unique and visually appealing feature to the already sophisticated and discreet vaping device.
The Luzid Sherlocker is an innovative 510 thread battery designed to resemble a vintage tobacco smoking pipe. It combines a nostalgic, old-fashioned design with modern vaping functionality, offering a discreet and elegant vaping experience.
The Luzid Sherlocker features a 650mAh battery capacity, providing prolonged vaping sessions and ensuring you can enjoy your vaping experience without frequent recharges.
Yes, the Luzid Sherlocker offers three variable voltage settings: 2.8V, 3.4V, and 4.0V. These settings allow users to customize their vaping experience by exploring different flavors and vapor intensities.
The Luzid Sherlocker is compatible with 1g 510 thread cartridges that have a diameter of up to 11.7mm. This ensures versatility and the ability to use a variety of cartridges seamlessly.
The Luzid Sherlocker features a rapid USB Type-C charging port, allowing for swift and efficient charging. The device can fully charge in approximately 70 minutes, minimizing downtime and maximizing vaping enjoyment.

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