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Artistic Design, Superior Filtration: The Syfy 16 Tree Arm Leg Chugger Dab Rig in Yellow
StyleStandard Glass
Glass PercolatorMulti-Diffusions
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Female
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesStemless Joint & 14mm Female Slide
Product Details

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Intricate Reversal Wig Wag Work

This dab rig showcases the intricate reversal wig wag technique, where colorful glass patterns are meticulously twisted and then reversed to create captivating visual effects. This traditional glassblowing method adds depth and artistic flair to the rig, making each piece uniquely stunning

16 Tree Arm Leg Percolator

The highlight of this dab rig is its 16-tree arm-leg percolator, which provides exceptional smoke diffusion and cooling. Each arm is equipped with multiple diffusion slits that break up the smoke into finer particles, allowing for smoother and cooler hits. This advanced percolation system ensures a delightful and smooth dabbing experience.

Bent Neck Design

The bent neck design of this dab rig enhances its usability and aesthetic appeal. This ergonomic feature prevents splashback and makes the rig more comfortable, especially during extended dabbing sessions. The bent neck also provides a better view of the quartz banger during use, allowing for precise heat application.

Vibrant Yellow Color

Finished in a vibrant yellow color, this dab rig is a functional tool but also a piece of art. The bright yellow glass enhances the visual appeal and makes the rig stand out in any collection. It adds a pop of color and personality to your dabbing setup.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Crafted from high-quality glass, this dab rig is built to last. Its durable construction can withstand the demands of regular use, ensuring you can enjoy your rig for many sessions. The glass is also easy to clean, maintaining its clarity and functionality over time.

Enhanced Diffused Filtration

With its extra diffused filtration feature, this dab rig is designed to provide an immaculate and smooth smoking experience. The multiple diffusion layers purify the smoke, making each dab less harsh and flavorful.

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