Tank Beaker Glass

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Sci-Fi Glass 9-Millimeter Bong featuring Licensed Artwork Designs by a Local Artist. Elevate your smoking sessions with a perfect blend of creativity and design, indulging in smoother, more refined hits that redefine your smoking experience. Meticulously
StyleStandard Glass
Glass PercolatorStem-Inline
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint18Female
Joint Conversion18 Male to 14 Female
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesShowerhead Downstem & Bowl
Product Details

Superior Thickness and Durability

The 9mm Tech Glass Works Super Thick Ass Tank Glass Pipes are known for their exceptional thickness, providing durability and a substantial feel. Crafted with precision, these glass pipes offer a superior smoking experience.

Unique Ass Tank Design

The unique "Ass Tank" design sets these glass pipes apart, adding a touch of individuality to each piece. The design is visually striking and contributes to the pipes' stability and balance.

High-Quality Materials

Crafted from high-quality glass, these pipes are designed to withstand the test of time. The use of premium materials ensures that each smoking session is as enjoyable as the first, making these glass pipes a valuable addition to any collection.

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