Quartz Flat Top Replacement for Nectar Collector Tips

Item Code QR05-510-Thread
AvailabilityIn stock
510-Threaded Quartz Flat Top Replacement Tips for Nectar Collectors Unparalleled Precision
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint Size510 Thread Connect
Product Details

510 Threaded Quartz Flat Top Nectar Collector Tips | Wholesale Bulk

We are introducing our wholesale bulk offering of 510 threaded quartz flat-top nectar collector tips. These high-quality quartz tips are designed for durability and optimal heat resistance, making them a preferred choice for dab enthusiasts. The flat top design ensures even heating and efficient vaporization of concentrates, enhancing the dabbing experience. Ideal for smoke shops and dispensaries, our bulk supply of these quartz nectar collector tips ensures compatibility with various devices due to the standard 510 threading. By offering these quartz tips in bulk, we allow retailers to stock up on a highly sought-after item at competitive prices, catering to the needs of their discerning concentrate clientele.

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