Quartz Cone Shape Replacement Nectar Collector Tips

Item Code QR02-Attachment
AvailabilityIn stock
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint Size510 Thread Connect
Product Details

Quartz Cone-Shaped 510 Threaded Nectar Collector Tips | Wholesale Bulk

We are excited to offer quartz cone-shaped 510 threaded nectar collector tips in wholesale bulk. These premium tips are designed for dab enthusiasts who value quality and efficiency. Made from high-quality quartz, they offer excellent heat resistance and durability, ensuring a pure and flavorful dabbing experience. The cone shape enhances the vaporization process, while the 510 threading ensures compatibility with a wide range of nectar collectors. Ideal for smoke shops and dispensaries, our bulk wholesale offering allows businesses to stock up on these high-demand tips at competitive prices. These quartz tips are necessary for customers seeking a superior and efficient dabbing solution.

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