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Experience the fusion of aesthetics and practicality with our Mini Box Rigs. Elevate your smoking sessions with a touch of elegance and efficiency that these rigs bring to the table.
ColorSlime Green
StyleStandard Glass
ShapeBent Neck
Glass PercolatorMulti-Diffusions
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube5mm
Parts & AccessoriesMulti-Purpose
Product Details

3 Pcs (Mixed Colors) 3 $30.00

Faberge Egg Design for Elegance

Inspired by the iconic Faberge Eggs, this mini dab rig boasts an elegant egg-shaped design that adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking sessions. The intricate detailing and vibrant colors make it a visually stunning addition to any collection.

Inline Percolator for Smooth Hits

At the heart of this rig lies an inline percolator, meticulously engineered to provide superior smoke filtration and cooling. The percolator's multiple diffusion slits ensure that the vapor is thoroughly filtered, resulting in smoother, more astounding hits with enhanced flavor.

Compact and Portable

With its mini size, this dab rig is perfect for on-the-go or discreet sessions. Its compact dimensions make it easy to handle and transport, ensuring you can enjoy a premium dabbing experience wherever you go.

Premium Box Components Included

As part of Hempel's premium package, this Faberge Egg Mini Dab Rig has all the necessary components for an exceptional smoking experience. The package includes high-quality accessories that complement the rig's performance and design, ensuring you have everything you need right out of the box.

Hemper Quality and Innovation

Hemper is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the smoking accessories industry. By choosing this premium package, you'll get a stunning dab rig and benefit from Hemper's expertise and dedication to providing top-notch products.

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