Inline In-Buit Water Recyclers

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Immerse yourself in innovative design and exceptional functionality with the Syfy Glass Quad In-Line In-cycler Water Recycler. Experience insane water functionality and unparalleled glass quality. Discover now at Tokers Hub.
StyleStandard Glass
ShapeUnique Chambers
Glass PercolatorWater Recycler Rig
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Joint Conversion
Glass Tube7mm
Parts & AccessoriesStemless Joint & 14mm Female Slide
Product Details

Advanced Water Filtration

Our In-Built Inline Percolator Recycler Dab Rig is designed for those who prioritize purity and smoothness in their smoking experience. The inline percolator ensures thorough water filtration, producing clean and cool vapor with every hit.

Efficient Recycler System

The recycler system continuously cycles water through the rig, further cooling the vapor and enhancing the flavor. This feature also prevents splashback, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable session.

Quality Craftsmanship

Made with high-quality borosilicate glass, this dab rig is durable and offers a sleek and modern design. Its robust construction is built to last, providing you with countless sessions of reliable use.

Best Value Online

We're committed to offering you the lowest prices online for premium dab rigs. Our In-Built Inline Percolator Recycler Dab Rig combines top-notch quality with affordability, making it an excellent addition to your collection without breaking the bank.

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