Open Hole Honeycomb Water Incyclers

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Experience the convenience and value of our Mini Dab Rigs with a banger hanger and dry herb screen bowl. Elevate your sessions with the seamless integration of concentrates and herbs in one compact and efficient package.
ColorSlime Green
StyleStandard Glass
ShapeBent Neck
Glass PercolatorWater Recycler Rig
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Joint Conversion
Glass Tube5mm
Parts & AccessoriesMulti-Purpose
Product Details

Unique Moonball Percolator Design

Our Built Moonball Percolator offers a unique and innovative design, enhancing the filtration process for a smoother smoking experience. It is crafted to provide optimal airflow and cool the smoke, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable session.

Honeycomb Disc Integration

The honeycomb disc is integrated into the percolator, providing additional filtration and cooling for the smoke. This feature enhances the overall smoking experience by ensuring a smooth and cool hit with each inhale.

Dab Rig Banger Bowl

The dab rig banger bowl is designed for use with concentrates, offering a versatile and enjoyable smoking experience. The banger bowl is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a clean taste.

Carb Cap Components Included

This complete setup includes all the necessary carb cap components, making it easy to get started with your newly built Moonball Percolator. The carb cap components allow precise airflow and temperature control, ensuring an optimal smoking experience.



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