Showerhead Slit Shower Percolator

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Precision Filtration, Ergonomic Design: The Syfy Sidecar Bent Neck Dab Rig with Showerhead Percolator
StyleWax and Concentrates
ShapeWide Tube
Glass PercolatorSwiss Hole
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Female
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube5mm
Parts & AccessoriesQuartz Bucket
Product Details

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Precision Slit Showerhead Percolator

This dab rig is equipped with a showerhead percolator that features precision slit cuts. These slits are meticulously designed to maximize smoke diffusion and cooling, providing a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience. The efficient filtration system ensures that each hit is clean and flavorful.

Sidecar Bent Neck Design

This dab rig's sidecar bent neck design adds a unique aesthetic and enhances usability. This design prevents splashback and makes the rig more comfortable, especially during extended dabbing sessions. The bent neck also provides a better view of the banger during use, allowing for precise heat application.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Crafted from durable glass, this dab rig is built to last. Its robust construction can withstand the demands of regular use, ensuring you can enjoy your rig for many sessions. The glass is also easy to clean, maintaining its clarity and functionality over time.

Banger Bucket Included

Included with the dab rig is a high-quality banger bucket. This quartz banger allows for excellent heat retention and distribution, making it ideal for vaporizing concentrates effectively. Including the banger bucket means you can start dabbing right out of the box.

For Concentrate Enthusiasts

With its advanced percolation features and ergonomic design, this dab rig is particularly suited for concentrate enthusiasts who prioritize smoothness and efficiency in their dabbing apparatus. It's also an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their dabbing experience with a visually striking and functional piece.

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