Slime Colored Waterpipe

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Swiss Percolator, a marvel of smoke filtration technology that elevates your smoking experience. This remarkable percolator design is characterized by its intricate and precisely engineered structure.
ColorSlime Green
Glass PercolatorSwiss Hole
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint18Female
Joint Conversion18 Male to 18 Female
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesStemless Joint & 14mm Female Slide
Product Details

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Swiss Percolator Style

This straight tube bong incorporates a Swiss percolator style, known for its unique design that resembles Swiss cheese with holes that create a barrier for smoke. This percolation style not only adds visual interest but also significantly increases the cooling and filtration of the smoke, providing smoother hits.

Diffused Tire Percolator

Further enhancing its filtration capability, the bong features a diffused tire percolator. This percolator resembles a tire and includes multiple slits around its circumference, which diffuse the smoke extensively as it passes through the water, increasing the surface area for cooling and filtration.

Striking Green Slime Color

The bong is finished in a vibrant green slime, making it a standout piece in any collection. This eye-catching color adds a fun and unique aesthetic that will draw attention and admiration from fellow enthusiasts.

Tall Straight Tube Design

The tall straight tube design allows for a larger volume of smoke, making it perfect for those who enjoy deep, satisfying hits. The straight tube also makes it easier to clean and maintain, ensuring that your bong stays in excellent condition.

High-Quality Glass Construction

Crafted from high-quality glass, this bong is built to last. Its durable construction can withstand the demands of regular use, ensuring you can enjoy your bong for many sessions.

For Experienced Smokers

With its advanced percolation features and unique design, this bong is particularly suited for experienced smokers who prioritize smoothness and efficiency in their smoking apparatus. It's also a great showpiece that will impress due to its aesthetic and functional design.


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