Gryp Station - Clean & Store Your Dabbing Accessories

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StyleWax and Concentrates
Joint Angle360°
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Isoplex Silicone Dabbing Station Wholesale - Concentrate and Cleaning Station with Quartz Nails & Tools

The Hemper Isoplex Silicone Dabbing Station, now available for wholesale, is the ideal solution for anyone looking to organize their dabbing area. This comprehensive dabbing kit accessory is designed to efficiently store essential dabbing tools and cleaning supplies, helping to declutter and streamline the dabbing process.

  • Heat-resistant, Non-Stick medical-grade silicone ensures durability and safety, making it ideal for handling high temperatures and sticky concentrates.
  • Covered Waste Containers: Keep your space clean and tidy with conveniently placed containers for waste.
  • Removable Iso Funnel: This makes refilling easy and hassle-free, enhancing the overall functionality of the station.
  • Functional Phone Stand: Adds extra convenience, allowing users to watch videos or take calls hands-free while dabbing.

This dabbing station is perfect for retailers and smoke shops looking to offer their customers a practical and comprehensive accessory. The Hemper Isoplex helps organize the dabbing space and ensures that tools like carb caps, bangers, and dab tools are always within reach and safely stored. Its multi-functional design, including a phone stand, makes it a standout product.

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