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6ml Glass Wax Container Jars with Assorted Melted Wax Silicone Lid - Wholesale Dabbing Accessories

Our 6ml Glass Wax Container Jars, with assorted melted wax design silicone lids, are now available for wholesale as part of our dabbing accessories range. These jars perfectly blend functionality and style, offering a secure way to store various wax concentrates.

The jar's glass construction ensures the purity and flavor of the wax are preserved, while the silicone lid, featuring a unique melted wax design, provides a tight seal to keep contents fresh. The lid's design adds an artistic touch and offers an easy grip for opening and closing.

These 6ml Glass Wax Container Jars are a valuable addition to your inventory, ideal for retailers in the dabbing and concentrate market. Their appealing design and practicality make them a popular choice for customers looking for efficient and stylish storage options for their concentrates.

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