Glass Chillum w/ Silicone Rubber

Item Code SL27-Mixed
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StyleShatter-Proof Silicone
Product Details

Silicone-Glass Chillum with Silicone Wrap - Colorful & Shatter-Resistant Smoking Pipes

Our Silicone-Glass Chillum, wrapped in colorful silicone, is a standout smoking pipe available for purchase. This pipe cleverly combines the purity of glass with the durability of silicone, offering a robust and user-friendly smoking experience. The glass chillum ensures a clean taste and smooth hits, while the silicone wrap provides an added layer of protection, making the pipe shatter-resistant.

The colorful silicone enhances the pipe's durability and adds a vibrant aesthetic appeal. This design choice makes the chillum visually attractive and easy to spot among other smoking accessories. The silicone is also heat-resistant, ensuring comfortable handling and usage.

The chillum's size and design make it ideal for quick and discreet smoking sessions. Its compact nature allows easy transport and storage, fitting perfectly in a pocket or small bag. This chillum combines glass and silicone to strike the perfect balance between functional smoking utility and modern, stylish design.

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