Tentacles Martini Slide

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Tentacles Funnel Glass Bowls
Ground Joint14Male
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Bong Bowls 14mm Male Glass Slides - Martini Shape Slides in 14mm Male Size, Heady

They are introducing our exquisite collection of Bong Bowls 14mm Male Glass Slides, featuring a unique Martini Shape design. These slides, crafted for 14mm male joint-size bongs, are not just smoking accessories but a piece of heady glass art. The bowl's martini shape is stylish and functional, resembling the classic cocktail glass, allowing for an efficient and enjoyable smoking experience. This design provides a larger surface area for your material, ensuring a more consistent burn and a smoother experience.

These bowls are made from high-quality glass, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship and artistic flair characteristic of heady glass art. The elegance of the martini shape, combined with the durability and functionality of the glass, makes these slides a must-have for any enthusiast. Whether you're a collector of fine glassware or looking for a standout piece for your bong, these 14mm male martini-shaped slides will surely impress with their beauty and performance. Perfect for those who appreciate the artistry in their smoking accessories, these bowls are a testament to the blend of form and function.

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