Diamond Faceted Glass

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Diamond Shape Glass Smoke Bowls
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Cannabis Glass Smoking Bowls Bulk Wholesale - Diamond Glass Bowls, GG 14mm Male

Explore our bulk wholesale collection of Cannabis Glass Smoking Bowls, featuring exquisite Diamond Glass Bowls with a GG (Glass on Glass) 14mm Male joint size. These bowls are crafted for discerning smokers who appreciate the aesthetic and functional aspects of their smoking accessories.

  • Diamond Glass Design: Each bowl is crafted with a unique diamond glass design, which enhances its visual appeal and provides a robust structure for durability. The intricate facets of the diamond design reflect light beautifully, making each bowl a piece of art.

  • 14mm Male Joint Size: The GG 14mm male joint size ensures broad compatibility with most standard bongs and waterpipes, making these bowls a versatile choice for various smoking setups.

  • High-Quality Glass: Made from premium glass, these smoking bowls are built to last. They resist thermal shock and everyday wear, ensuring a long-lasting smoking experience.

  • Bulk Wholesale Availability: Ideal for smoke shops, dispensaries, and online retailers, our Diamond Glass Bowls are available in bulk quantities at wholesale prices, offering an excellent opportunity for reselling.

  • Enhanced Smoking Experience: These bowls are not just about aesthetics; they are designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The ample bowl size allows for a generous amount of cannabis, perfect for both personal use and sharing.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The glass quality makes these bowls easy to clean, ensuring they remain a highlight of your smoking accessory collection.

Our bulk wholesale Cannabis Glass Smoking Bowls, especially the Diamond Glass Bowls with a 14mm male joint size, are an excellent choice for retailers seeking to offer their customers high-quality, visually appealing, and functional smoking accessories. These bowls will attract attention and satisfy smokers looking for a unique addition to their collection.

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