35ml Single Hole Container

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StyleWax and Concentrates
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Large 30ml Silicone Wax Containers - Bulk Wholesale Dabbing Accessories

Available for wholesale, our Large 30ml Silicone Wax Containers are a must-have for any dabbing accessory collection. These bulk containers are designed to accommodate users who require more storage capacity for their waxes and concentrates. Made from high-quality silicone, these containers ensure your concentrates remain safe, fresh, and easily accessible.

The 30ml size is ideal for those who handle larger quantities of product, providing ample space while maintaining the non-stick properties of silicone. This makes them perfect for both personal use and for dispensaries or smoke shops that offer more significant portions of concentrates.

These containers are practical and come in various colors, adding a vibrant touch to concentrate storage. Their durability and size make them an excellent choice for retailers looking to stock up on high-quality, large-sized silicone dabbing accessories.

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