Tree Perc Silicone nectar collector

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Glass Percolators8-Arm Tree Legs
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Silicone and Glass Rocket Nectar Collector with Tree Perc by aLeaf - Affordable Online Prices

Discover the Silicone and Glass Rocket Nectar Collector with Tree Perc by a Leaf, a sleek and innovative device for enjoying concentrates. Available online at low prices, this nectar collector combines high-quality silicone and glass, offering durability and heat resistance. Its rocket-like design, featuring a slender glass body, provides a comfortable grip and a visually appealing look.

The unique feature of this nectar collector is its tree percolator, designed to filter and cool the smoke for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. It is nearly 8 inches tall and offers an impressive presence in various cool colors.

Equipped with a 10mm nail, this nectar collector heats up quickly, delivering satisfying hits. When filled with the right amount of water, its design allows for tilt without spillage, enhancing the smoking experience. The entire device can be disassembled, simplifying the cleaning process and maintaining performance.

This Silicone and Glass Rocket Nectar Collector is an outstanding choice for those seeking a blend of style, functionality, and ease of maintenance. It's perfect for retailers looking to provide a unique and high-quality option for their customers at an affordable price. Please note that percolator colors may vary, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

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