Space-Ray Nectar Collector

Item Code SL58-Mixed
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StyleShatter-Proof Silicone
Glass Percolators
Parts & AccessoriesMulti-Purpose
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Silicone Ray Gun Nectar Collector Wholesale - Futuristic Dab Oil Rigs

Presenting our Silicone Ray Gun Nectar Collector, now available for wholesale. This innovative dab oil rig is designed with a futuristic ray gun, offering a unique and playful take on traditional nectar collectors. Crafted from high-quality silicone, this collector is visually striking but also durable and heat-resistant, perfect for regular use.

The ray gun design isn't just for show; it provides an ergonomic grip, making the nectar collector comfortable and easy to handle. The silicone material ensures that the collector is resilient against damage and easy to clean, maintaining its novelty appearance over time.

Ideal for retailers and smoke shops looking to offer something different in their dab rig selection, the Silicone Ray Gun Nectar Collector stands out with its distinctive design and functionality. It's perfect for customers seeking a durable, efficient, and fun way to enjoy their concentrates.



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